I am unsuburban

Photographer Doug Shobbrook

My name is Doug Shobbrook.  

I'm a portrait and travel photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

I am unsuburban. 

This site was born out of an amazing year in which I became a father and together with my beautiful wife, packed up our family, camera in hand and headed to Cambodia to grow our charity Harvest Cambodia.

The move to Cambodia for me was also a personal journey of becoming 'unsuburban'.  In the beginning it meant letting go of our jobs, our house, our cars and belongings.  It meant letting go of certainty.  It meant saying goodbye to the suburban dream.

This led to embracing the chance to experience a new way of life, a new culture, to reinvent myself and chase an unsuburban dream and be amazed by it all along the way. 

The photographs and stories that will follow, I hope, capture some of what it means to me to embrace the idea of becoming 'unsuburban'.

I'm drawn to meeting new and interesting people and compelled to learn about them. I want to discover what hopes and dreams they may have, to connect with them and create an image that somehow reflects the moment we spent together.

I hope my images encourage you to to travel and explore our world, take chances, meet new people and share their stories... to live your own 'unsburban dream'.