Beyond the Image

Because each image holds a story.

Dreaming of Drier Pastures

I'd been hired to for a commercial shoot featuring a good friend of mine who'd been working along side us in Cambodia.  The plan was to shoot a series of portraits and a photo essay of Scott who worked as an accountant focusing on NGO best practice and auditing work in South East Asia.

On a recent trip back to Australia I picked up a compact lighting kit, specifically for the shoot with Scott.  The kit comprises of a LumpoPro LP180 Flash, Westcott folding umbrella, two pocket wizards and a backlight stand to hold it all together.  The total price of the lighting gear is around $500.  This small lighting setup, combined with the Fuji x100s and it's leaf shutter make it possible to sync the flash at a high shutter speed.  Essentially this means I can make a portrait in very bright conditions, using a fast shutter speed and a wide open aperture to maintain a nice shallow depth of field.  Something I would only have been able to achieve with a much bigger (and more expensive) lighting kit and a set of ND filters.

My current compact lighting kit.

My current compact lighting kit.

As often happens in Cambodia we drew a small crowd of onlookers.  I took the opportunity to make an image of a young boy who'd been watching us work.

In the images below you'll be able to see my lighting set up in action with Shelley my great friend and lighting assistant holding the flash and umbrella for me.