Beyond the Image

Because each image holds a story.

Panoramic Portraits

A technique that I often use is what I refer to as a Panoramic Portrait.  Put simply, I take a series of photos and stitch them together like you would a Panorama to produce a single medium format looking image.  There are a few benefits to this approach;  it allows me to create an image with an extremely shallow depth of field and it also gives me the ability to shoot a wider format image if I'm stuck with a single focal length lens.

The technique is fairly simple.

1. Set your camera to manual mode and expose correctly for your subject making sure you are using the widest aperture possible (lowest f-stop).

2. Manually focus on your subject.

3. Shoot a series of images with the first being of your subject and the rest photographing what is around them.  Make sure you don't change your focus - you want to capture a number of out of focus images to create depth in your final image.

4. Import your images into Adobe Lightroom and apply the same edit to them all, making sure you have a consistant look across the series of images.

5.  Still in Lightroom use the photo > edit in > merge into panorama in photoshop command.

6.  Crop and you're done.