Beyond the Image

Because each image holds a story.

The light of 1000 candles

Each year Buddhist Monks and Nuns from across Cambodia make a pilgrimage to worship at Angkor Wat.  It's a magical sight to see and one that few Westerners get to experience as the temple complex is closed to outsiders after dark.  Luckily for me, I have great friends such as my mate So, who was able to sneak me inside the ancient temple complex.

We witnessed a procession of chanting Buddhist Monks and Nuns walk through the night, circling Angkor Wat.  Lit only by candlelight, they weaved their way through the temple, through the terrace of one thousand Buddhas before holding a mass prayer vigil.

I will always hold close the memory of the sight and sound of 1ooo Monks chanting as they passed by my camera.