Fuji 27mm f2.8

The 27mm f2.8 is the most recent addition to my Fuji Kit. The lens is described as a 'pancake lens' due to it's incredibly small size.  Part of the size reduction means that it doesn't have an aperture ring on the lens itself.  Apeture is instead controlled via the rear thumbwheel on the camera.  This takes some getting used to and is a bit slower than the manual ring on the larger Fuji primes. Having only had a limited chance to shoot with the lens, I'm impressed with the focus speed and sharpness of the files it produces. 

Even though it's one of Fuji's least expenses lenses, I wouldn't recommend this as one of the first lenses you purchase.  It's more of a luxury, not an essential, it's main selling point is its size and the ability to slip it in a jacket pocket with no fuss.