Instax Share SP-1

One of the best ways to take great portraits is to build trust and a connection with your subject.  Often when I'm our exploring in more rural areas, I'll be taking someone's photo for the very first time.  Photography by its very nature is about taking.  I ask a lot of my subjects.  I ask them for their time, to show me what they are doing and to invite me into their lives.  I make some images and move on.  I'm constantly amazed by how generous people are by allowing me to take their photograph.

When time permits I try to return to visit people I had a special connection with and take them a print. Again often this is the only photograph they have of themselves. Often it's a very humbling experience.

I started carrying the Fuji Instax Share printer with me as I found it was often difficult or unfeasible to return to some of my subjects with a print.  The printer works by creating a wifi hotspot which allows you to connect your to your iPhone.  You simple select an image (one either taken on the iPhone or sent to it via another wifi hotspot from the camera) and hit print.  

This small gesture has opened many doors for me.  It's a small step in giving a little back of what I take.