The Road Home

'The Road Home' is a series of images photographed in the rural Cambodian village of Kok Thnort.  After spending a number of years working in this village with Harvest Cambodia, I have always been keenly aware of the daily migration of locals into the major centre of Siem Reap for work or study.  The journey takes approximately 45 minutes by motorbike, much longer if you're on a bicycle or on foot.  As there aren't many employment opportunities in rural villages such as Kok Thnort, villagers will often find employment in labour intensive jobs such as construction work or harvesting rice.

The shoot took place over two hours on a typical mid-week afternoon as locals made their way home. This is a favourite time of mine in the village as it's a time when you see locals relaxing, knowing their long day of labouring is over.  Men are playing volleyball, ladies are catching up with their neighbours. The aim of the shoot was to photograph a cross section of the community, trying to capture the feeling of contentedness one gets, knowing that their long journey home has come to an end.